Our research

Research shows that climate change and environmental pollution are affecting the health of people and our coastal environments, and may increase the spread of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. As these changes continue, we expect the risks to increase, putting people, animals and nature at risk.

In response, our scientists and policy experts across Europe are investigating how changing climate conditions affect these pathogens, and how exposure to them can be predicted, reduced and even prevented.

Our research themes

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Interdisciplinary research

We will conduct case studies to examine pathogen transport and survival in rivers, estuaries and coastlines across Europe. This will be complemented with laboratory experiments to observe how pathogens change under different climate conditions. We will review public health initiatives and design bespoke tools to map out future health risks to find the most effective responses. We will also look at how society and climates in coastal environments are likely to change.

Strategic communications and stakeholder engagement activities will provide evidence-based recommendations to policymakers, innovators, educators and the public.

  • Assessing
    the risks

  • Measuring
    the impacts

  • Real world
    case studies

  • Informing policy
    and innovation

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