Alba Godfrey

Alba is a Senior Project Coordinator at EuroHealthNet, the European Partnership for Health, Equity and Wellbeing. She focuses on environmental health and health equity, helping to translate cutting-edge research into policy and practice and advocate for a green and just transition.

Alba leads EuroHealthNet’s contribution in a number of EU research projects, including BlueAdapt, as well as BEST-COST (on improving methodologies for the socio-economic cost assessment of environmental stressors such as air pollution), and PSLifestyle (on co-creating an online tool to enable everyone to take personalised steps towards more sustainable lifestyles). In BlueAdapt, EuroHealthNet leads the policy work, linking the research with EU and national policy agendas, and helps to ensure a focus on health equity throughout project activities.

Alba holds a BA in History from the University of Cambridge, and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam. She is French and British.