Aline Chiabai

Deputy Project Coordinator

Aline Chiabai, Research Professor, Basque Centre for Climate Change BC3. She has a PhD on environmental economics and a Master in environmental quality management, and is currently coordinating the research group on “Climate and Health” in BC3, within a multidisciplinary team. In the past, she has been part of Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) research program for several years and has collaborated with CMCC, University Cá Foscari (Venice) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). Past academic experiences include a position as Adjunct Professor in environmental economics in the University Cá Foscari in Venice. In her career path she has been exploring different themes related to human health and how it can be affected by multiple exposures and factors, including climate change, environmental pollution, lifestyle and socio-economic determinants. Past work includes also research on economics of adaptation within a multi-sectoral perspective to support decision-making. Her research interests lie in the investigation of the interconnections among multiple factors that are influencing human health, and applications of system approaches to health such as the “Bio-psycho-social model”, to integrate knowledge and analyse complexity. In line with this perspective, she is developing further extensions of One Health concept to be applied in different areas, such as coastal pathogens, non-communicable diseases and urban planning.