Daniele Peano

Dr. Daniele Peano is a Junior Scientist at CMCC in the “Climate Simulations and Prediction” (CSP) Division. He has three years of experience in ice sheet modelling (PhD) and seven years of experience in land surface and climate modelling (PostDoc).

Daniele has contributed to the development of the land component of the CMCC global coupled model with a specific focus on the land biogeochemical cycle (CMCC-CM2, CMCC-ESM2). He is working on the development of the new CMCC coupled model (CMCC-CM3). He is the author of eighteen peer-reviewed publications.

He has contributed to various International projects including. CRESCENDO, PRIMAVERA, COACCH, GoNEXUS), the sixth phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Projects (CMIP6), and some of CMIP6-specific MIPs (LUMIP, LS3MIP, C4MIP, HighResMIP).