Eline Boelee

Principal Investigator

Dr. Eline Boelee is leading work package five, the delivery of six case studies in five countries across Europe.

Eline is an expert in water-health interlinkages at Deltares, with over thirty years of experience in health impacts of water resources development in Africa, Asia and Europe. Deltares, based in the Netherlands, is an independent institute for applied research and smart innovations in the field of water and subsurface.

Eline has led many international research projects that address health challenges through water management. For example, through environmental control of water-related diseases or multiple-use water services for both domestic and productive purposes.

Using a systems approach, she and her team advise local, national and regional authorities as well as UN agencies on water management options to increase climate resilience and human health at the same time. Previously Eline had her own company Water Health and worked at the International Water Management Institute. She has published over 40 scientific articles and book chapters.