Enrico Scoccimarro

Principal Investigator

Enrico Scoccimarro is a senior scientist at CMCC Foundation and deputy director of the "Climate Simulations and Predictions" (CSP) division.

Enrico has contributed to the development of several fully coupled climate models (e.g., SINTEX-G, CMCC-Med, CMCC-CM, CMCC-CM2) and has performed a number of climate scenario simulations (CMIP3, CMIP5, CMIP6).

He is an expert on extreme events and his main research activity is to investigate the relationship between tropical cyclones and climate. He has been a member of the Tropical Cyclone Model Intercomparison Project and the US-CLIVAR Hurricane Working Group since 2011 and the Italian representative within the management committee of the MEDCYCLONES EU cost action since 2020.

Enrico has participated in many EU research projects as CMCC Principal Investigator or/and Work Package leader. He has authored more than 75 papers in scientific peer-reviewed journals and has presented at more than 100 international conferences, mostly focused on extreme events.