Hao Wang

Hao Wang is an aquatic environmental and ecological modeller focusing on eutrophication, harmful algal blooms, and pathogenic risks in watersheds, estuarine, and coastal areas.

Currently, Hao is a PhD candidate in the BlueAdapt project, where he is engaged in the development of model and real-time forecasting systems for pathogen risk assessment and prediction. His work in this area has important implications for improving the safety of recreational and drinking water, as well as for enhancing our understanding of the impacts of climate change on waterborne pathogens.

Hao has previously worked as a joint PhD at Utrecht University, where he developed an advanced coupling model based on the 'water continuum' concept for predicting harmful algal blooms in the Eastern Chinese coastal seas. Hao's research has made significant contributions to our understanding of the complex interactions between land-based nutrient inputs and coastal marine ecosystems.