Julia Bohorquez

Julia is an enthusiastic ecologist working as postdoctoral researcher at BlueAdapt; aiming to develop a conceptual framework based in a holistic approach and beyond the One Health framework. She is examining the relationships between coastal waters, coastal pathogens, health, and natural and human perturbations such as climate change.

Julia has worked as a lecturer for the Environmental Management diploma and the Bachelor of Applied Sciences at NorthTec (Whangarei, New Zealand); teaching courses such as freshwater ecology. Previously, she worked in research projects related with ecology, restoration, and diversification at the Department of Botany (Otago University, New Zealand). Julia has participated in different international programmes related with environmental awareness, agro-pastoral practice, and sustainable rural development. To do so, she collaborated and communicated with scientific and non-scientific audiences (Benin, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Morocco, Nicaragua, Paris and The Netherlands).

You can visit her LinkedIn profile for more information.